Monday, January 7, 2008

Lil Wayne ft. Sizzla - The Only Reason

Lil Wayne Featuring Sizzla (The Only Reason)

Okay, now there nothing wrong with doing a collaboration with an artist in a different genre of music. Lil wayne on the other hand seem silly trying to rap with a West Indian accent, he need to cut it out. The song is alright and the videos not bad either, but little wayne need to leave the reggae to the pros. Plenty artist have collaborated with reggae artist, like the joint I'm Serious T.I did withe Beenie Man, but you don't see him rapping with a fake accent. Sizzla get much play up here in NYC. Especially in the Flatbush and Crown Heights part of Brooklyn, so i know they're luvin this collabo with Lil Wayne.

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