Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 26 Since - You've Been Gone

Day 26 Since (You've Been Gone)

If you don't know who Day 26 is then let me explain. Remember Puff Daddy reality show making the band. These were the 4 finalist from the 4th series of the show. These dudes have a lot of potential and a real good sound. I guess this is P Diddy's replacement for 112. Day 26 better be careful with there dealings with Mr combs, being so many artist left after there contracts were up ( They all said Puffy was robbing them). He's also known for his are tight contracts. Puffy is good for getting that bread off an artist album sales long after they leave. This video is very good for it being just there second one.


Rufus said...

Nice boy band sound like usher and somewhat like hip hop or rNb nice!

Rap Songs said...

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